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Why Guatemala ?

  • Mayan population History

    Historically, the Mayan population of Guatemala was subjected to Spanish authority in the early sixteenth century with the arrival of the conquistadors, hardship she has emancipated only in 1821. The fate of the indigenous did not improve until the end of the Second World War. The nascent republic then started major economic and social reforms that took off balance some major Western industries in place. With the help of the United States, a coup put up a military junta and a long period of internal conflict ensued, during which many atrocities were committed against the Mayan people. The Mayan genocide is not less than 250,000 murders, 45,000 missing and 1.5 million displaced people . And it was not until 1996 that the conflict ended.

  • A great hope for change

    For almost fifteen years, Guatemala has been a republic on the path of democratization. Massacres today give rise to trial, however, the legacy and wounds of the civil war are still wide open. Furthermore, economic activity in Guatemala is largely based on agriculture, which accounts for a quarter of GDP and two-thirds of exports. In addition, half of the workforce has an activity related to this sector. In this regard, agriculture remains in Guatemala primarily subsistence agriculture and especially in the Mayan populations. Manufacturing also plays a significant role in the Guatemalan economy.

What is Maya Desarollo ?

  • Microcredito AYuda Al Desarrollo

    Since 2007 X-MicroFinance owns and manages a microfinance fund in Guatemala. As part of this project, called MAYA Desarrollo (Microcredito AYuda Al Desarrollo: microcredit help for development), every summer twenty students travel to the underdeveloped Quiché region to meet the Maya people, study their projects and grant loans.

  • Micro-Loans for Mega-change !

    With 50 or 100 euros loaned to a person to develop a project, we hope to enable him or her to ensure a little higher and a regular income. Loan applications and the expected returns of our clients are carefully studied so as to limit the monthly repayments to a third of their income. Moreover, we pay only small amounts for new customers and we raise these amounts only if they respect their commitments. We also encourage our borrowers to reinvest their earnings in durable goods. Thus, many of our beneficiaries choose to use the bulk of their earnings to pay for medical or school-related expenses for their children. We wish that their children attend to school regularly and long enough to be able to speak and write Spanish - a prerequisite for inclusion in Guatemalan society.

Maya desarollo

Our three employees ensure regular monitoring of Micro-Loans

PLucrecia, south employee


South emplyee, since 2011

Jose, West employee


West employee, since 2013

Josefa, North employee


North employee, since 2013

Miguel - 22 years

Miguel - 22 years

Since 2013 (the year of his first Micro-Loan) Miguel has been able to buy material to start his own business. Today, with the help of X-MicroFinance, his objective is to develop even more his couture activity and creativity by buying new types of tissue

Maria - 42 years

Maria - 42 years

Maria is one of the first beneficiaries of X-MicroFinance loans. She first started by buying seeds to grow tomatoes and beans. And thanks to her reliability, we decided to lend her 3000 Qtz to buy a cow, feed it, and sell it in the market six months later making this way a great profit !

Pedro - 51 years

Pedro - 51 years

Pedro is a very ambitious and jovial man. He has a long experience in the cultivation of beans ans maize and used the loan of X-MicroFinance to buy more seeds and more enviroment-respectful fertilizer.