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Last year, we have leant more than 80.000 $ during our Microcredit campaign !

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We support local cooperatives by delivering pro-bono consulting

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We will have our first Microcredit campaign starting July 2015

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X-MicroFinance organization.

X-MicroFinance is a French student association of the École Polytechnique. It was founded in october 2006 with the belief that everyone should have the right to finance a project and develop a business.

Today X-MicroFinance is the largest student microcredit institute in France, gaining more and more momentum each year. In 2014, we lent more than 80.000€ to 462 recipients in 20 different villages.


The École polytechnique.

French higher education system is divided into two parallel paths. The first path is the university, very similar to other countries. The other parth is specific to France : students first spend two or three years in "classes préparatoires" preparing for national competitive entrance exams of the "Grandes Écoles".

The École Polytechnique is a top-ranking Grande École specialized in science and engineering ; its entrance exam is one of the most selective in the country. Its talented young students can obtain a Master of Science degree that can lead to a PhD, or do some research in one of the school's many laboratories.